A Letter to Men

Several years ago my wife approached me and told me she wanted to take “pole” classes.

Now my wife was a schoolteacher and very conservative. This did not quite fit in to her normal schedule of exercise which included the gym and yoga classes. She saw a clip of someone on Oprah doing it who looked like her, also a teacher, and was having a great time learning pole fitness.

Never having been to a strip club or seen a pole dance except for in the movies I was a little dubious but supportive. I was worried that it would be a trashy, cheap or sleazy experience. Also Cathy is barely 5′ and a few extra pounds at the time, not the tall, long legged, skinny ladies that most people associate with “stripper” poles. I also really did not want my wife “dancing” for other men.

After her first class, my wife came home completely excited and radiating joy. She told me that is was nothing like we had thought. The classes were completely professional (no nudity, no profane language, no men) and it was an empowering experience. She felt sexy in her own body and said that it was a killer workout (as evidenced by her drenched sweaty clothes).

Then she turned to me and said that she learned how to take her shirt off. I almost laughed! How exciting can you make taking your shirt off? Isn’t that something you learn as a kid?

She took her shirt off and made a convert out of me in 30 seconds. Such a simple act transformed her into a completely erotic, sensual, powerful woman. It wasn’t one thing specifically; it was a combination of how she did it and how comfortable she felt in her body.

Now don’t get me wrong, she was very comfortable with her body in a regular day to day kind of way, but it took someone telling her that it was ok to FEEL sexy. It was not about sex, but about being a sensual woman regardless of how your body looked.

As a few weeks went by, we both noticed that she was losing weight, yet she had not been to the gym in a month. The core workout of the pole fitness was kicking her butt. There is a reason all those acrobats and professional pole dancers are so thin; the workout on the pole works all your muscle groups in a different way.

I told Cathy to quit the gym which she hated going to anyway. Between regular yoga and her pole classes, she lost the extra 15-20 pounds that she was trying so hard for years to lose and was incredibly happy in how she lost all the weight! Instead of dreading the gym, she always looked forward to her yoga and pole classes.

It made such a difference in her whole being that she decided to take the teacher training classes and quit her teacher job to open her own yoga and pole studio. Now she can share the life changing experience with the special woman in your life!